Friday, May 7, 2010

"The Fertilizer Bar"

On a rare occasion, I like to go out and have a few drinks after work. Not for very long, I do need to get home to the girl and her family afterall.
I was a little scared at this point. I thought he was going to take me home with him. That scares me.

Right here he was saying "See, I got me a chick afterall!!!! " Goofball.

Bring you chicken to work day

Don't ask.
This is DC. He is one of the pets down here at the fert plant. Why is he called DC???? "dead chick" clever huh????

This is Pete. Another pet down at the fert plant. Are you beginning to notice a trend???

This is my nest. When I'm gone.

Ahhhhh....soo sooo comfy!

When I feel the need to chill...I do this. There is whisky on the bottom shelf. Take my word for it.

And when somebody ELSE needs to chill. There is this handy dandy little device. Bound to make a tense moment better, or make them leave. Either one works!

I'm in love!!!! She's hot! "Waterfowl Illustrated" centerfold...she's amazing!

And some touches of home. Colored by the girls' son. These make her happy, make her feel civilized when she's surrounded by questionable characters (Jack) & all the dirt & noise.

Shhhhh....don't tell!

This is the "scooper". This is driven by the infamous "Jack". He drives this thing at like mach 80 so here are some words of advise for you. IF you should feel the NEED to go in the back of the fert. plant, watch your back, cuz he aint!!!

What's this? A torture device. Possibly, but actually it's a bag stuffer.

How I Rolllllllllll

This is how the little chicks Josesaba does things.

You don't believe me???? Don't make me prove it!
Look out world!

Easter Weekend

Read the sign...memorize it....NEVER FORGET IT!!!!
Ok, so I hung out on his shoulder for quite a while...whispering all the secret moves in his ear. Here he thought that he was hearing voices in his head again.

After the computer guru, I decided to have a little chit chat with the "bun". It's a girl...did you know that? I asked if they have any good lookin chicks where she's at. She didn't answer...I'm still waiting.

This was a very interesting conversation...I had to rudely include myself. They look like a happy couple...they won't mind.

YEEEEEEEE!!!!! My very own ferris wheel!!! K....get me down, I 'm scared...NOW!!!!

Awwww, a picture of my family! I wuv them so verdy verdy much. They are a colorful group!

Alright, this guy is a sham...I sat here all dang day waiting for my fortune. Nothin. NOT A WORD!!! Weirdo.

Look, here I am again! Sending subliminal messages again! "Get off the computer....go do dishes for your wife. Stop drinking Old Milwalkee and switch to a fruity girly drink..." that where I'm at???

Yesssss....I had to get a picture with my peeps...before the "bun" ate them all!

Egg dying fun

Yeah, I know, I know....Easter was like a month ago. Sorry...I was feeling a little overwhelmed....let's see you lay two brightly colored eggs and see how you feel!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A latta watah....

We took the long way home today so she could show me the rising water. This isn't a funny situation, so I mean no offense. I'm sorry for the people that this effects.

It's getting pretty high now, and there is more rain and warm weather in the forcast.

Just last week, the girl and her dog went for a walk on this it's underwater.


Hopefully it will not keep rising, but God only knows I guess. If it does, pray for those in it's path and be grateful if it doesn't flood.

Library Time

It's been such a fun day! I even got to go to the library...I got to look for some books. This one looks good. "Coop" hmmm...I wonder what it's about. I'll let you know.

Birds & Blooms...

North American Birds...I'm FAMOUS!!! Ok, maybe not.

Swimming in a sea of James Patterson. Incredible author...strange, gory, but can't put his stuff down! So I've been told. I'm still working on the whole reading thing.

This is more my reading level. I love this guy!!!


So many good books...I just can't choose. I love the library!

This is a cool place! I hear the girl hangs out here a LOT!!!